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Integrated Cranial Health

Neural Palpation is
NON-INVASIVE manual neurological therapy

Nutrition for Chronic Pain


Nutrition is a varied science looking at both the internal and external influences of food, supplements, medicines and the combination of many factors on the pH, blood and organ balance and functionality of the system.  ICH maintains that functionality is both neurological and functional.  All nutrition clients enter a process of neurological balance before anything in food or herbs will be presented.  It is inherent to understand the stimulus of the organs and their connections before asking a section of the body to work harder than it may possibly be able to achieve due to its neurological activity.  

Know Thyself

Nutrition is knowing what your body needs... from manual physical bodywork to nutritional organ address.  Acuity in knowing where you stand on the bell curve is essential to health.  Knowing that nutrition involves communication as well as efficiency creates an understanding that basic physical address may lead to a more reliable nutritional program.  

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