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Integrated Cranial Health

Neural Palpation is
NON-INVASIVE manual neurological therapy

basic information is needed

Full spinal and cranial integration is inherent to healing a complete human being!

Why 'ICH'

Integrated Cranial Health(TM) is a neurological system where we teach you how to neurologically monitor and change the direction of neurological messaging.  It provides a simple manual system for one to monitor and change the nervous system for ease in function and elimination of pain.   It looks at the person as both the object of function that can be changed as well as the subject from within which allows it to incorporate function of the self through its' own power.  


October 12, 2019

Moving Absent Space - Orcutt, CA


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The class teaches the Caregiver or person experiencing chronic pain techniques to heal their pain from a neurological level on a daily basis.  Many of us are dependent on a manual therapist to keep our systems in  constant communication and out of pain.  The neurological techniques allow control and redirection over pain signals through the body so that the client and Caregiver can help heal the nervous system from home.  Carolynn Thompson devotes most of her time to private clients in her practice, and this class stemmed from the systems she used to keep and eliminate chronic pain.  Having worked with quads, brain injuries, debilitated movement and more over her 15 plus year history, this class was crafted to take the neural direction she provides clients in her private sessions to more people so they can become active helpers in their own healing.


Sept 21-22, 2019 ~ Sonora, CA

Cranials in Motion


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The class explores the movements and relationships of the cranial bones. Demonstrations include how to release bones through pressurized sutures, correlations to the Trigeminal nerve and provides cranial nerve assessment among paired releases and releases found in the adjustment of threes.  

Class meets Saturday from 930-500pm and Sunday from 9-4pm

Please prepare for head and mouth work to be practiced upon each other.  

Location: American Acro-Sports Gymnastics, Sonora, CA


November 2-3, 2019 ~ SONORA, CA

Moving Mouth Space


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MUST HAVE FULL SERIES TO ATTEND OR PASS THE SKYPE EXAM.  REQUIREMENTS!!!! The most intensive manual release course for bodyworkers.  How to release the teeth in 8 different directions according to the laws of motion under the acceleration of gravity.  Reading beforehand required.  Class is for the fix it workers.  

Seminars ~ Classes ~ Basic Information

Moving Absent Space

The basic class for ICH therapist.  It covers the involvement of the endocrine system within the neurology of chronic pain.  We talk about how to disassociate emotional and mental pain from physical pain.  We learn to manually move and adjust the foramens of the skull and spine.  

Rub Spine

A detailed class on how to work with the spine manually and in motion.  We learn a hold that 'melds.'  We study how the spine should shift and move in Gait/walking.  We work directly with the spine to learn neurological deep touch from the sacrum through the occiput (bum to head).  We give therapist confidence in touching the spine and combining it successfully with what they know.  

Moving Mouth Space

After years working within the mouth, many therapists ask for a class in mouth motion.  This is a anatomy heavy, therapist driven class.  We focus on mouth motion, jaw opening, jaw connection to neck and hyoid and mouth connection to the occiput and parietal and temporal bones.  This is a hands on class.  Occipital release will be covered again, but basic knowledge of occipital release is required.  

Chronic Pain Class

Come to this one hour class for teacher tricks to keep chronic pain at bay.  Taught only in Sonora, CA this class is designed for those of limited motion and those who deal with chronic pain.  We learn ICH self help techniques for home and cover nutritional advice to help with chronic pain.

Cranial Bone Motion

How does each bone in the skull move?  How do we move them in pairs?  How do we move them while melding the spine?  How do we meld the spine?

This class is all about how the skull moves in relation to the body and within space itself.  

Design Your Own

Over the years, schools, instructors and other therapist have asked Carolynn to teach classes on EHS, emotional balancing, mental awareness, meditation and nutritional advice.  Her skill sets vary and asking her to set up a unique class for your facility is welcomed.  She likes a challenge that new classes provide:)

Advanced/Requested Seminars

What Else is Taught?

Carolynn  is adept at teaching many avenues of bodywork.  She focuses on how physical pain becomes entwined with emotional and physical trauma.  Her life work is in long term chronic pain and pain that does not reduce or go away.  All Classes mentioned here are taught upon request and tailored to the facilities needs.  

Herbs for Health and Chronic Pain

The class discusses the benefits of herbs in chronic pain.  We study traditional Western herbology, some Chinese herbs, the benefits of CBD and who it best helps.  Similar themed topics may be discussed.   

Emotional Trauma in the Brain

The class focuses on the manual holds that produce safety for a person to emote.  We learn the points in the body that amp up emotion as well as stop an emotional explosion on the table.  Focus is on the practitioner and how to best help humans transition their emotional pain away from their physical pain.  Deep discussion of the endocrine system and pain process is highlighted.  

Mental Acuity

The class deals with how to make a client honest, upfront and trusting.  We work on the manual skills to allow a person to feel mentally safe.  We work on the dialogue that encourages mental safety.  We look at the cues for when to refer to a psychologist or a psycho therapist.  

Orifice Training

Carolynn  does not perform private orifice release in her practice.  However, she has in the past and has trained in it through apprenticeship.  She shares her skills and knowledge with those interested, and sets up the class based on the need presented.  It is most often requested by sex therapist.  Max class size is 12.  

EHS Training

Carolynn  is highly aware of the needs of desk workers and organizations to eliminate and reduce insurance claims.  Working in the health service side, she is an expert at presenting information and providing display material for a healthy work environment.  She does not measure and use traditional HS standards.  Her techniques are unique working with the person who leans on their hand and the individual who crosses their legs and how to make those constantly strained activities safe once again.