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Integrated Cranial Health

Neural Palpation is
NON-INVASIVE manual neurological therapy

BE whole again ~ physically ~ mentally ~ emotionally

What Happens During a Session?


Services~An Overview

We Learn ~ We correct ~ We work passively ~ We work together

Everything is integrated--> mind, emotion, spirit and body.

The whole person is treated through the nervous system.  We expand nervous system communication and redirect it for efficiency.  We use light touch techniques and do not incite pain.  We bring the communication of the nervous system into stillness.  We teach you how to calm the nervous system and hold the self.  

The language seems flowery, but the results are astonishing.  

First Appointment

What we do?

First appointments are between 1.5-2.5 hours depending on the extensive history of pain, severity of injury, complication  of surgical history and present ability to be present to working with the healing mechanisms and cycles of the body. 

We educate clients on the timeline, complications and extensive compensations of chronic injury.  If needed, we discuss nutrition and supplementation.  We view this as a secondary avenue believing in the innate ability for the neurological system to heal with some bodywork help and attention to a low sugar, fresh diet.


We are experts at knowing where the nerve messaging cells that can be connected with manually on the skin.  We also understand how to palpate for the nerve cells of deep connection within the joint spaces, spine spaces and skull spaces.  We educate our clients on why our touch is detail specific and we help draw the connections between multiple injuries and demonstrate how tissue folded over itself to increase compensation.  We will discuss how tissues do not like to hyper-extend, and it is in extension that we find lots of little issues.

We identify these little issues and help you identify your own glitches in your own nervous system.
What the client expects?
Full attentive service and the pain to be gone in 1-5 sessions.  This is not a realistic goal and therapists rarely talk about why and why the nervous system will not respond well under such conditions.  Let us investigate....

How Does Chronic Injury Reverse?
Injury heals in the reverse of how it entered the body.  For instance, let us take a cut on the arm by a sharp knife or foreign object.  Initially, we have the point of 

How we handle expectation and deliver educated knowledge during competent manual assessment and therapy?