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Integrated Cranial Health

Neural Palpation is
NON-INVASIVE manual neurological therapy

Eliminate chronic pain and Live in Ease


Non-Invasive Manual Neurological Therapy

Non-Invasive Manual Neurological Therapy

  • We eliminate chronic pain and reestablish balance in the body through redirecting, balancing and restructuring the output and input of the nervous system.  


Integrated Cranial Health(TM) is a different approach, technique and form of bodywork. It was awarded a trademark in 2015 for its originality in alternative medicine in providing a new way to find relief from pain. It is a non-invasive manual neurological bodywork that eliminates, calms and arrests physical, mental and emotional pain.  It was developed by Carolynn Thompson after a debilitating injury when no other source of relief could be found in the Western or known Alternative World of Health.  

Integrated Cranial Health is a neural non-invasive manual therapy for the nervous system.  Some therapists palpate muscle or fascia.  Chiropractors palpate for bone.  Some doctors palpate to find issues.  We can palpate for these things AND we are exceptional at palpating the nervous system and monitoring its flow of electrical output and input.  


All work administered is through a triggering of the human nervous system. Therapists are trained to augment, redirect and flow all lines of communication in the nervous system. All information is developed for healing the whole human. We bring relief and bilateral equilateral balance to the human spine, allowing for organ rest, an easier to implement herbal program and a system that communicates in ease, without effort. 

We specialize in the elimination of pain. 


We are Absent Space Specialists.

We find the space where things do not communicate well and we reestablish proper communication between the nervous system, the endocrine system and the brain itself. 

Pain Free Means...

Happiness in Your Physical Form

  Happiness in How You Move

  Happiness in How You Function

  Happiness in How You Feel

  Happiness in How You Think

  Happiness in How You Believe

With EASE.... a lot of ease.

We provide Ease in your nervous system by manually redirecting and rewriting the neural messages riding up and down your spine and through all limbs.

We teach Ease by giving individual techniques in each session to help bring your system in easy neurological communication .

We teach you to find ease for yourself through your own hands by providing Self Health Neurological Seminars online and in person.  

We teach therapist how to Neurologically recover from work, balancing the internal energy that we take on, shovel off, and balance.  We teach therapist how to bring their entire system into neurological rest without meditation or physical exercise.  We teach you how to neurologically hold yourself as well as hold a client.  

We are a team of non-invasive manual neurological therapists who work for ease in happiness starting with the physical form.  

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Bodywork for Chronic Pain

Bodywork for chronic pain must operate in the mental boundaries of what an individual is willing to change.  Good bodywork encourages the body the change and great bodywork makes the mind stronger and more able to handle chronic pain.  Great bodywork reduces and eliminates pain, AND alspo carries an individual through the oscillations of change.    

Emotions of Chronic Pain

We understand the brain function (endocrine response) of emotions to chronic pain.  We teach and educate how the emotions change the mental acuity and balance of a chronic pain client.  We inform and offer advice (herbal and vocal and energetic) to diminish the anxiety, depression, sadness, loneliness and change of lifestyle of the chronic pain client.  


Mental Ability to Heal Chronic Pain

We address the mental /hard wire neurological changes within the brain of chronic care.  We explain how the endocrine glands follow a domino affect and rely on one another, getting caught in a power play between the benefits of getting well and the pay checks of staying ill.  We council and educate the individual on what to do to change brain function around chronic injury.  We suggest herbs, alternative meds, CBD, and better balance of western meds to achieve a clear or clearer mind.  

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