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We provide Manual Neurological Therapy for  Neural Reconstruction to eliminate Chronic Pain.  

Who are we

Why Are You Different?

We are different"ich".  And the ICH makes us very different.  We are trained in bone motion, but we are not chiropractors.  We are trained in massage release, but we are not massage therapists.  We are muscle testers, but we do not specialize in diagnosis.  We specialize in the elimination of pain.  

We are Absent Space Specialists.

We find the space where things do not communicate well and we reestablish proper communication between the nervous system, the endocrine system and the brain itself.  

We restructure your nervous system pain so that the brain no longer catalogues a long held pain signal.  

Who do You Work With?

We work with kids.  Autism and Movement Disorders, Learning Issues, Digestion Issues. Infants who suffer from tongue tie, malabsorption and colic.  

We work with Adults: We eliminate physical pain.  We work with emotional pain, mental instability and physical loss.  We work on problems that keep the body from moving freely and we work on issues that the body cannot let go.  

We work with the elderly.  We work to create efficient function despite years of traumatic pain.  We aim for comfort and ease.  We find pain free motion.  

We work with the chronically injured.  Success treating poor hips and shoulders turned our practice deeper and we understand quadripalegics, brain injuries and parapalgeics and movement bound individuals whether from birth, trauma or exhaustion.  

We work with rare diseases.  We work with shingles, TMJ, assimilation issues, anhedonia.  

We work and we work and we work"ICH"

Through the nervous system we work and we reestablish proper lines of communication since all parts of the body heal when each section can talk.  

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More Information

Bodywork for Chronic Pain

Bodywork for chronic pain must operate in the mental boundaries of what an individual is willing to change.  Good bodywork encourages the body the change and great bodywork makes the mind stronger and more able to handle chronic pain.  Great bodywork reduces and eliminates pain, AND alspo carries an individual through the oscillations of change.    

Emotions of Chronic Pain

We understand the brain function (endocrine response) of emotions to chronic pain.  We teach and educate how the emotions change the mental acuity and balance of a chronic pain client.  We inform and offer advice (herbal and vocal and energetic) to diminish the anxiety, depression, sadness, loneliness and change of lifestyle of the chronic pain client.  


Mental Ability to Heal Chronic Pain

We address the mental /hard wire neurological changes within the brain of chronic care.  We explain how the endocrine glands follow a domino affect and rely on one another, getting caught in a power play between the benefits of getting well and the pay checks of staying ill.  We council and educate the individual on what to do to change brain function around chronic injury.  We suggest herbs, alternative meds, CBD, and better balance of western meds to achieve a clear or clearer mind.  

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