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Integrated Cranial Health

Neural Palpation is
NON-INVASIVE manual neurological therapy

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Testimonials-Who are Your Clients? Too good to be true?

We find safety inside your system through neurological manual techniques that help it signal bilaterally and equally so that the brain can "reboot" to better deal with injury. We strengthen proper neurological pathways in order for the body to move freely.  We break the emotional pattern of chronic pain.  


 "Since seeing you starting in December 2017 I just keep on improving for the better. Less pain, more mobility, increased ability to work on strengthening my muscles and body and improving flexibility. I also appreciate all the postpartum work with you targeted to my scar, abdomen, all the “pushing” that I was supposed to do with the birthing process but didn’t because I delivered cesarean section. I feel like no one else understands birthing and its impact on a women’s body like you do. I learn more from you about this than from anyone else, and from a completely different perspective than western medicine. Western medicine and its views are not enough. More women should have access to you and you perspective before and after birth. " (I do a lot of after birth trauma and wish there was more information to woman and professionals on how to deal with immense change of physical form.)
Time Being a Client: 12 years with a 5 year hiatus with no pain.  Blood deprivation to femoral head after traumatic delivery.
Time Out of Pain:  70% better
Acute Care: bi weekly for one year
Lifetime Care: Monthly to bi monthly for 3 years and then to 4 times a year.
Rhonda B.

"I walked all over Disneyland today with my granddaughters without trouble.  


Time in Pain: 18 years: 

Time Bed-Ridden: 11 years plus 10 hours a day.

Today: Going to Hawaii and getting Back in the Gym 

Lifetime Care: Monthly to bi monthly due to age  and extensive surgical history.  

Patty Williams Owner of Acro-Gymnastics, Sonora, CA

 "Carolynn is incredibly skilled with bodywork; she can fix any ache, kink, pain, injury, gait issue, that you may have and it stays fixed.  you can also tell she fixes you by trying to understand your body's issues... truly holistic healing.  And she genuinely cares about her clients.  I hesitate to refer her and only share her with people who I truly care about." 

Pain History: Chronic bunions.  Chronic deskwork, neck and shoulder pain

Time Being a Client: 18 years

Time Being Out of Pain: 15 years

Lifetime Care: 2-4 times a year

Helen C.

Questionaire Response

 Why keep coming?

No other bodywork that I have tried— massage, cranial sacral, chiro, acupuncture, reiki, and more, have given me half the results that your modality does.  I trust you and your incredibly analytic mind. Your love is palpable. You’ve proved to me that everything is connected and that it is possible to heal from long forgotten injuries. ALSO, I LOVE YOU
 Is anything missing in your session?

Clone yourself. I wish you could find an intern.  
Time Being a Client: One year
Time Being a Bodyworker Friend: 20 years (First time using my services due to chronic pain)
Time Out of Pain:  Not completely out yet.  But 80% reduced

Care Given: Intermittant for 4 months
Lifetime Care: Regular schedule for 3 months and pain should be eliminated.  Basic miss firing of cross patterns.
Betz Hensely: 30 Year Massage Therapist  


"i couldn't hold a phone to my face without 

excruciating pain.  the doctors wanted to break my sternum and remove a rib!  Thankfully I found Carolynn and she just makes sense."

​Andrew E. 

Years Being a Client: 15 plus
Years Out of Pain: 13 plus
Lifetime Care: Quarterly due to high multiple continent travel. 


Time Being a Client: 10 years

Time Out of Pain:  Cannot afford regular work.  Monthly to bi monthly treatment to keep full range of motion and emotional balance around pain.

Lifetime Care: Would love to see weekly for a year, but pain will be manageable at a bi monthly schedule.

Meredith R.   



"the best bodywork, its really easy to have real world application"  Sean Hatch

Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute 

Practitioner:  Massage Therapy and Professional Electrician
Practice Years: Plus Ten

"Easily incorporated into all types of massage."  Miranda C.


Practitioner: Massage Therapy
Practice Years: 15 plus


"It's amazing work.  Its been wonderful to give the work.  The balance between understanding the science behind the work and the intuitionto do the work is awesome." Lisa Debrow

Practitioner: Massage Therapy and Emotional Recognition

"Amazing how much can be accomplished in a short amount of time, how much release is received.  A 5 minute demonstration can feel like a 60 minute session.  And a 60 minute session can feel like a few minutes.  My body can go so deeply into healing."  Hector 


Practitioner: Massage Therapy

Practice Years: 15 plus

"the work has wide application to all techniques I know about massage" Evelyn Schmidt SBBTI

"I got to do Rub Spine over the phone and it allowed a more complete session." Rae W.

Independent Learner/Layman/Pro
Practitioner: Light worker and Guide
Years in Practice: 10 plus

 ​Carolynn's teaching style is a combination of scientific theory behind the practice combined with real life case studies and plenty of hands on practice.  I learned a lot about the biology of the human skull, the various bones and how they like to move as well as the benefits to the nervous system and sensory perceptions of the work.  Teaching intuitive skills isn't easy, but she encourages each of us to tune in to the body we are working on and follow our intuition (when our skill sets fail).  She reinforces our learning and critiques the work by providing hands on assistance and feedback.  Receiving the work (in small doses) twice weekly during the course was very beneficial as well.  My body has required a lot of sleep, but I feel calmer, more relaxed and more present in my daily life."  Lisa Bryant Debrow